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Mercury Global
Trust and the way


Get this 1% daily
from every investment

for a while 300 days

*Warning !!! By taking part in the project, you are dealing with financial freedom.
   Take good account of this risk!

Mercury Global - this is one of the Mercury projects that gives each participant the opportunity to create a basic financial flow, achieve a level of well-being and maintain it.


Mercury Global takes control over the participants' free funds and redistributes them using a unique formula. The weekly part of available funds is distributed among all participants according to the individual forecast for each of them. Every Tuesday all participants can apply for funds.


The basis for work on the Mercury Global project are cryptologists, because they show for a long time their stability, reliability and independence.


You transfer the money to the administration of Mercury Global.

Mercury operates on the principle of the Soviet mutual assistance fund.

The money is not invested anywhere, the whole money amount is distributed fairly among all members of Mercury according to their deposits of 1% per day on the deposit amount for 300 days.


The deposit can be arranged at:

▪️  USD Perfect Money - minimal contribution $100
▪️  BitCoin -  minimal contribution 0.1 BTC
▪️  Ethereum - minimal contribution 1 ETH
▪️  LiteCoin - minimal contribution 1 LTC


By investing in dollars, your contribution will be repaid in the first 100 days.
By investing in crying, the payback period may be much smaller or longer depending on the exchange rate of cryptography at the time of its exchange in money (dollars, rubles, hryvnia, tenge, etc.)

Invite people to the project and get a commission fee of 6% of each investment.
Become a goalkeeper and get a bonus of 5% to 0.1% on 9 levels.
To become a curator, you must invite 10 people with a minimum deposit.
Applying for funds order Tuesday.
all applications are processed automatically.


Register by clicking this link REGISTRATION

Choose an investment currency (USD, BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin)

Transfer funds for management

Press the button every 24 hours "calculate the prize"

On Tuesdays, deduct the accrued income


If you have technical problems at any stage of cooperation with Mercury Global, please contact me consultations. Help me deal with you verbally and, if necessary, remotely through the computer.

For active participants who want to develop, I share the site with contacts, links, and instructions to help people work.


Because all premiums in Mercury Global have a lifespan of 300 days, it's worth thinking about extending passive income with new reinvestments or other free funds.
With a standard share of the deposit will bring 300% for 300 days, and after the expiration of the deposit will be closed.
In order to receive income in the Mercury project constantly and every time more, we use a reinvestment strategy.

In a practical example, it looks like this:

You deposited $1,000 from the amount you receive each day $10.
Next week $70.

Striving for production and reinvestment.
Take a week to 70 USD, next week send $ 70 to re-invest and as many times as you need.

Each reinvestment is a new deposit for 300 days in the amount of 1% per day on the money received.

If you do this constantly, every two weeks you will open new deposits with a value of at least USD 70, which will operate for 300 days, and each time the amount of reinvestment and income will increase due to the increase in the number of deposits.
Thus, your $ 1,000 deposit for 300 days will increase to $ 4,140 with income of $ 270 per week.

But the best strategy is to show you every week what is happening, shopping, giving gifts, traveling and sharing information with people where you constantly take money. This will help people to achieve abundance, and you will get a structured development that will in itself increase the income from the partnership awards.



I invite you: Kozar Igor


If you have any questions about the Mercury Global project, you can consult me through instant messaging:
FaceBook: write